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Ahh Nuts!! Play of the Year.

This year’s Ahh Nuts!! Play of the Year goes to….Cooper Henry of Jackson Prep, in the MAIS Championship AAA-I game. Cooper takes a pitch to the left,
— cuts straight to elude a defender,
— cuts between two potential tacklers,
— runs ten yards down the field with two more tacklers following him,
one tackler on his right, and one tackler right in front, ready to tackle him.
— the player on the right hits him hard, knocking him off-balance sideways.
— by knocking him sideways the two players from behind over pursue and miss,
— the one in front nosedives into the turn, missing him after being knocked sideways,
— and the one who hit him runs into the player in front who nose-dived into the turf.
— and 57 yards later, Cooper Henry is in the endzone,
— and after 7 missed tackles, the MRA players can only turn to themselves and say…. “Ahh Nuts!!”