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Week 11: FNUTL Top Ten Games of the Week

Week 11:  Week of October 30th

This week, there is NO PPP Game of the Week.  Instead, we will bring you the FNUTL Top Ten Games of the Week.

1              Leake Academy (6-4) vs St. Joseph (9-1) Playoff Game – Playoffs start in MAIS!  The Leake Academy Rebels and the Fighting Irish of St. Joseph square off in the opening round of MAIS AAA District 2 playoffs.  Both teams score early and trail off in the second half.  St. Joe is 9-1 and 4-1 in the district, with Leake Academy 6-4 and 1-2 in their district.   Currently St. Joe is riding a 6 game win streak coming into the playoffs.

2              Tri-County (9-2) vs Oak Hill (8-4) Playoff Game – Always tough Tri-County Plays the Oak Hill Academy from West Point in the opening of MAIS A-AA District 2 playoffs.  Both teams are big scorers.  Through 12 games Oak Hill is averaging 33 points a game while Tri-County averages 26.  Expect an over/under of 60.

3              South Panola (9-0) vs Columbus (7-2) – This game has been coming for a while.  The South Panola Tigers, ranked 48th in the nation and No. 1 in the state, face the Columbus Falcons, ranked 13th in the state.  Both are a perfect 5-0 in the district.  Can Columbus face the initial onslaught of a Panola team scoring nearly 40 points a game?  This is our go-to-this-game-if-you-can-game.

4              Starkville (8-1) vs Warren Central (8-1) – Equal records and in many other ways, the Yellowjackets of Starkville are a perfect 5-0 in the district, ranked No. 2 in the state and have a crushing defense, yielding only 8 points a game.  The Warren Central Vikings are 5-0 in the district, ranked 4th in the state, and average 35 points a game.  This is a toss-up, with Starkville’s defense perhaps being the key.

5              Madison Central (5-5) vs Northwest Rankin (6-4) – In the second game of 6A Region 2, Madison Central plays Northwest Rankin for perhaps the last playoff spot.  Both have a 1 game win streak. These two are even on paper; expect turnovers to make a difference.

6              Gulfport (7-2) vs Ocean Springs (8-1) – After a rocky start, the Admirals are 5-0 in the district and own a six game win streak.  That’s almost as good as the Greyhounds, 5-0 in 6A Region 4 but with an eight game win streak.  Gulfport has won many close, tight football games during their streak while the Greyhounds have crushed their opponents with tough defense.  This is a great game in the 228 zone.  Go to this one if you can.

7              Wayne County (8-2) vs South Jones (7-3) – No one has talked about Wayne County, but the War Eagles are ranked 11th in the state and have a perfect 5-0 in 5A Region 3 and a 5 game winning streak.  The South Jones Braves, longtime rivals, are 3-2 in the district and would love nothing than to derail Wayne County’s ride to Oxford.  However, it’s a home game for Wayne County, so don’t expect the War Eagles to let this one slip.

8              Picayune (5-4) vs Pascagoula (6-3) – No one looks at Picayune’s 5-4 record and underestimates them.  The Maroon Tide are 4-1 in 5A Region 4 and ranked 56th in the state.  However, they have a mountain to climb in Pascagoula, 4-1 in the region ranked 46th in the state, and aching from a loss last week.  The Panthers will be at home and can’t afford to let up leading into the playoffs.

9              Senatobia (8-1) vs Rosa Fort (8-1) – The surprising Rosa Fort Lions are ranked 39th in the state, 3-1 in 4A Region 2, and have a defense yielding only 12 points a game.  However, the Senatobia Warriors are a perfect 4-0 in the region, ranked 20th in the state, and are only giving up less than a touchdown a game.  With all the other games, this one may be the best matchup of the night.

10           East Webster (9-1) vs Eupora (7-3) – The Warriors from Maben are one step away from the playoffs with a 9-1 record, 3-1 in 2A Region 4, and ranked 70th in the state.  Chasing from behind is the Eupora Eagles, 2-2 and 4th in the district.  Eupora needs a turnaround, with a 2 game losing streak and East Webster riding a 3 game winning streak.  However, throw away the records, the game is played on the field.