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Posted December 6, 2014 by admin in

The 2014 Ahh Nuts!! Play of the Year, brought to you by Mississippi Peanut Farmers

This year’s Ahh Nuts!! Play of the Year goes to….Cooper Henry of Jackson Prep, in the MAIS Championship AAA-I game. Cooper takes a pitch to the left,
— cuts straight to elude a defender,
— cuts between two potential tacklers,
— runs ten yards down the field with two more tacklers following him,
one tackler on his right, and one tackler right in front, ready to tackle him.
— the player on the right hits him hard, knocking him off-balance sideways.
— by knocking him sideways the two players from behind over pursue and miss,
— the one in front nosedives into the turn, missing him after being knocked sideways,
— and the one who hit him runs into the player in front who nose-dived into the turf.
— and 57 yards later, Cooper Henry is in the endzone,
— and after 7 missed tackles, the MRA players can only turn to themselves and say…. “Ahh Nuts!!”